Well hello there

Once again I have forgotten to update this blog in months. Some of you may have noticed that shilbert.com was entirely down for a couple months. What happened was that my web host decided to disappear off the face of the planet; luckily, I was able to get backups from the datacenter the host was using, LiquidWeb. They had my data back to me the night I asked. Classy service.


I have not done an awful lot more with Platformer. The Portal Turret project has been resurrected, and I spent this weekend making my own programmer for the dsPIC33f MCU I am going to use, rather than paying $60 or more for a programming device. I might publish the circuit schematics/Arduino sketch/Python program I made at some later date. I also reverse-engineered the audio-based level transfer system for Bangai-O Spirits for DS, and made a receiver program in C#. This could let people develop PC-based level editors, and also to pass around levels in binary format instead of as MP3′s or YouTube videos. So, some stuff has gotten done, although I want to get back to working on Platformer soon.


Oh, so there is a blog here. I almost forgot.

I have had a little bit of time to work on Platformer again. Some of the things I am working on are:

  • Particles.
  • Refactoring how rendering works a little.
  • Thinking about enemy design.

Particles are not very interesting right now; they’re just a prototype that only supports single-pixel particles. Eventually I am going to have particles made up of series of line segments (for sparks) as well as particles that are animated sprites (for smoke.)


Particle test. Not very interesting.

I should have asked for a job

I ended up next to Sam Ruby (wikipedia entry / blog) on the flight from Raleigh to Dallas Ft. Worth today. He explained to me that he was involved in the Atom standard and that he works at IBM, but I didn’t know he was the director of the freeking Apache Software Foundation until I looked him up on the internet when I got to San Jose. Apparently he lives in Raleigh too.

Oh, and then a stewardess spilled a tray full of drinks on me. (Bloody Mary, club soda, and apple juice, I think.) I was pretty lucky I didn’t have my laptop out at the time, really. So much for first class.