Well hello there

Once again I have forgotten to update this blog in months. Some of you may have noticed that shilbert.com was entirely down for a couple months. What happened was that my web host decided to disappear off the face of the planet; luckily, I was able to get backups from the datacenter the host was using, LiquidWeb. They had my data back to me the night I asked. Classy service.


I have not done an awful lot more with Platformer. The Portal Turret project has been resurrected, and I spent this weekend making my own programmer for the dsPIC33f MCU I am going to use, rather than paying $60 or more for a programming device. I might publish the circuit schematics/Arduino sketch/Python program I made at some later date. I also reverse-engineered the audio-based level transfer system for Bangai-O Spirits for DS, and made a receiver program in C#. This could let people develop PC-based level editors, and also to pass around levels in binary format instead of as MP3′s or YouTube videos. So, some stuff has gotten done, although I want to get back to working on Platformer soon.

void SHilbert::Update(float delta) {

Okay, so the semester started again and now I don’t have as much free time anymore. Which is not great, because when I had free time over winter break I didn’t get much of anything done. Current project statuses follow:


I didn’t work much on this over the break. My laptop is running Linux now because the poor thing is dying and somehow it seems to work alright with Ubuntu (as in, it only freezes intermittently, as opposed to Windows which can’t get through the installer without bluescreening.) So, being that I was away for the majority of my break, and thus using my laptop, which runs Linux, I didn’t get much done on a game that uses XNA. I have done a little more design work but it’s mostly on the silly kinds of details I worry about that noone else is interested in. I’m hoping that eventually I’ll get to a point where I can release a demo (or at least a video) every month or two of the progress, it’ll depend on how classes go.


Not a whole lot since the last update. I have some more details worked out for motor control but it’s still all basically resting on fabricating the body at this point. I am going to talk to someone at NCSU about using the school of design’s CNC router to do this. I am also still unsure about how the thing should be controlled – complete autonomy is sort of boring, and adding a proper remote control unit would be a giant pain because I’m not that great at electronics. Besides that, the rest of it is just details, hopefully.


I got some work done on this over the break. I’m working on static checking for expressions right now. Basically I need to clean up the classes used for types and implement some kind of overload resolution function. I haven’t implemented overloads yet, as expression static checking isn’t even done yet, but the C# spec defines the available builtin operators in terms of function overloads, and that seems like a clean way to do it. Hopefully I’ll get to codegen sometime this century. Other things that are outstanding are storing location information on AST nodes for error messages with actual locations, and adding memory tracking so I can make sure there aren’t any leaks.

So, that’s the project status. I am feeling kind of crappy recently because I haven’t gotten much of anything done and I feel like I’m atrophying just sitting here not coding anything. Usually when that happens I open up SS++ a little or think about tinkering with FE or low-level rendering, but never get around to it.


I got to see Tim while I was in California. He’s pretty much always up to something and this time was no exception. Here is a brief list of things we did:

  • Spent forever trying to get Defcon netplay to work on a hotel wireless network. Once we finally did get it to work we found out my laptop hard freezes a few minutes into the Defcon stage, so that was kind of lame. Next time I am going to just bring a wired switch so I don’t have to start considering scavenging a hotel ethernet cable to make a crossover cable. Oh, and get a new laptop that isn’t subtly broken.
  • Watched Tim do some parkour crap in public places. I am pretty sure somewhere there is a little kid jumping off his roof because he saw a little Asian man do it at the park.
  • Walked around in downtown Pasadena while everyone was sitting on the roadside claiming spots for the Rose Parade. We were looking for some bizarre kind of shoes Tim wanted but the closest he could find were freeking expensive.
  • Played Megaman X ‘together’ by exchanging the controller. I totally beat Sigma on the first try. I wasn’t so hot at Mega Man X2, though, I had to actually use the boss’s weaknesses against them. :(

The whole thing made me really want to work on FE more, despite already having too many projects and not getting any work done on any of them.

Also, apparently captchas (or the captcha I added) aren’t good enough for comment spam protection, let alone trackback spa protection. I am really getting tired of this.

Portal Turret begins

My evil plan to build an actual sentry turret from Portal is coming along smoothly, as my Arduino and parts from Digikey came in the mail. I already have the audio IC working, controlled with serial commands from the Arduino, and the eye dimmer working using one of the PWM pins. Crappy low-quality video from my cellphone, including crappy low-quality sound: