Instantly distracted

So I haven’t worked on Platformer (directly) in a couple days. Spent the past several days working on a C# networking library (something like the basics of Twisted for handling TCP and UDP sockets in an event-based way, so I don’t have to think about threading.) ┬áThe plan is ultimately to make a fancy-pants networked debug console for Platformer or other future games.

It’s a somewhat vague idea, but the general concept is that the game could expose a tree of objects with associated properties and commands. The console would be a separate process that connects and lets you browse the tree, view and edit properties, execute commands, and present the game’s log. This would be a more comprehensive version of the debug menu that’s present in Platformer right now, and would allow me to have a richer UI like sliders, color pickers, etc.

Wow, that sounds completely vague and tangential. Way to get distracted, self.

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