Actually coding a little

Been doing some minor tweaks to get back into Platformer:

  • Coded the game over screen using the image from the previous post, including a nice rotozoom/mode 7 looking effect.
  • Added autorepeat support to the input manager.
  • Ported some of the easing functions from TweenLite (which are ultimately based on Robert Penner’s Actionscript easing functions) to C#. Most of them aren’t very complicated, but they’re useful for quickly adding polish.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but something else I did a few months ago was write a simple 2D scene graph in Platformer. It’s only used in menu screens so far, but it’s very helpful to be able to arrange sprites & text labels as objects instead of having to draw them in immediate mode. You generally don’t even have to write a Render() function for a screen any more, just a constructor & an Update() function. It’s fairly minimalist, but I’ve ported most of the code that does drawing (except for the game itself, because that’s more complex and is more performance sensitive) over to the new scene graph system, and it seems to be a win as far as ease-of-use.

This was all inspired by some Actionscript 2D game libraries that are popular right now, like Flixel and Flashpunk.

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